The Northern Wastes

The north wastes are the ancestral lands of Dwarfish peoples, home to giant Boars, Mammoths, Giants , Ogres, and many other equally inhospitable races.

A great mountain range, called The Winter Wall, has created a natural barrier from invasion from other peoples, and has made it equally difficult for the Dwarfish peoples to invade south.

Though with the many riches at their disposal there has been little need to move any further then their front door to admit relatives for Hot Spiced Wine and a trencher of Boar meat.

To the far north, near the Sea passage of Serpents Tongue, lies the massive Serpents Eye lake, nestled in the center of this body of treacherous water rests a fortified complex long abandoned by the dwarven peoples called, Dun Arach, the ancient seat of the Dwarven Kings.

The Northern Wastes

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