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The world of Dragon Dark takes place on the broken continent of Kharon 600 years after Dragon Rage.

The primary trade center for all of Kharon is the massive port city of Aranmoor residing on the far South-Eastern corner of the center land mass aptly named the Eastern Kingdoms.

In the northern reaches of Kharon reside the seats of the Dwarfish Lords, huddled deep within the chill caverns they rule as undisputed masters of the realm of ice and snow, called by most The Northern Wastes. When battle calls, these stout warriors charge in on the backs of tamed Boars and Mammoths, much to their enemies dismay.

Far to the west, across the Barrier Mountains and the Free Cities, lay the Western Kingdoms. Stretching from the southern desert county of Xor to the northern downs of Hillshire.

Swinging back east to the Barrier Mountains, these ranges make up a large portion of the center land mass and are home to the widest variety of Races, beasts, and other unsavory masses, which the Bandit town of Shadowvale house many. Within the walls of the Mountains the Free Cities have grown and flourished do to trade and travel between the Western and Eastern Kingdoms, making this part of the world dangerous, but profitable to the enterprising Entrepreneur.

Much of the world still rests in ruin, and for the most part wholly unexplored. Making the lands ripe for keen adventurers hunting for treasures, scholars seeking ancient knowledge, and evils of all sorts skulking in await for the hapless traveler.

Main Page

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