Eastern Kingdoms

The eastern kingdoms hold dominion from the eastern edge of Barrier Mountains, far south to edges of the marsh lands, east to the coasts, and north to the Winter Wall.

While humans are the most dominant race, the eastern kingdoms hold many Dwarven folk from the northern wastes and barrier mountains.

Do the lush and verdant forests, the eastern kingdoms also have their fair share of the Sylvan folk.

To the south-west the lands become mire and marsh lands, long since over grown and wild, these areas are now home to all sorts of creatures that dwell in dank.

  • Dwarfs = 10%
  • Elf’s = 20%
  • Humans = 60%
  • Other = 10%
Areas of Interest
  • Mandakes Muster
  • Findel’s Falls
  • Sallows Weald
Myth and Legend

Eastern Kingdoms

Dragon Dark: The Sundering Wyldehart