Dragon Rage

In ancient times the world of Kharon was ruled over by four dragons. Each one had their own peoples, lands, and laws. While they lived at piece, there where the occasional dispute between borders, food, live stock and other small claims of fortune.

For many thousands of years the Dragons lived on in this manner, neither wanting for or needing anything beyond the borders of their own lands.

Until one morning, unlike any other morning, The Dawn of Ages brought forth power to the sentient beings of the Kharon. All at once, the peoples and lands began to burn and boil with all manner forces, and creatures never before seen upon their world roamed and pillaged the Dragons Lands.

The new powers grew at an alarming rate feeding empty minds, empowering wanting bodies. New fantastic creatures some of death and destruction bearing no intelligence beyond hunger for power, others of beauty and intelligence beyond knowing took places at the sides of the Dragons. While one whispered of peace and prosperity, others called for war while banging the shields of battle, coercing the Dragons to cut a swath of blood across the world.

To do battle with these threats, and to lead the armies of the Dragons, each one awoke a being from their lands to act as their avatars. These once humble soldiers would become to be known as Aspects of Origin as each one had powers mirroring that of their creator.

For many years to come battle ragged across the world, and it changed. Where verdant forests grew, only smoldering pits remained. Where rolling hills and glittering lakes flowed, devastation had taken root. Where brother met brother with open hands of greeting, where now met with closed fists of steel and hate.

As history tells the tale, a lone man brought an end to Dragon Rage, Mandrake the Peacemaker. With powers far beyond that of any normal man, he lashed out at the word of Kharaon, breaking the continent into pieces, raising mountain ranges, splitting the ground to create great chasms. All to separate the warring factions, to force a peace. The final act was to imprison the great Wyrms in their respective lands, and drive them into a never ending slumber. The force, however, of the magic weakened Mandrake so much, he seemed to age to that of an old man of 80 summers in an instant.

And so, Shadowleaf the Malevolent rests in a prison of Jade in the Barrier Mountains, Shiverwing the Blind sits upon a throne of Ice and Diamond in the Northern Wastes, Blightwing the Torturer slumbers in the sands of time, and Phoenix of the Azure Eyes is said to be dead. For rather then be imprisoned for all eternity he chose to end the life of immortality.

Once The Sundering was complete, and the world settled, Mandrake the Peacemaker traveled Kharon and established order where he could. He assisted in the creation of the Free Cities erected from the remains of the armies of the east and west in the heart of the Barrier Mountains.

He helped till and tame the lands of Hillshire, settled the peoples and gave them laws and letters. So much the peoples of Hillshire revere Mandrake the Peacemaker they call him savior and prophet even to this day.

To the end of his days Mandrake the Peacemaker traveled the world seeking to regain the peace and prosperity lost. Until some time much latter the people saw him less and less, generations passed and fact turned to tale, and these tales turned to legend, and quite suddenly he was never seen or heard from again.

Dragon Rage

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