The Coastal City of Aranmoor sits upon cliffs high above the Bay of Irgaan, nestled in the South-Eastern corner of Kharon.

The house of Aranmoor boasts of ancestry dating back to the sundering, to an Aspect of Phoenix of the Azure Eyes none the less named Aranmoor Stormshadow. The Chronicles of Mandrake, held by the Priests of the Undying in the House of Everlast, speak of many things including that of ancient blood lines. However few have the authority to gaze upon its pages, and fewer still can interpret the final ramblings of Mandrake as he accounted for his years after the sundering.

The city had humble beginnings, from a presundering run of fishing villages up and down the coast, to a now thriving financial power bearing host to all manner of races, and professions.

The city guards called the Hydras of Aranmoor, or snakes as they are known in the poor quarter. Are an elite force used for not only keeping the peace within the city, but also for trial and execution, and if need be a reserve force if it where to come to war.


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