Mordis Vance

A half ogre warrior, quick temper, quick to judge, and faster to enforce


A half-ogre warrior, standing 6’3 tall, weighing in at 260 pounds, of fair complexion for a potato, and the personalty of sour grapes.

He generaly wears chainmail as his armor of choice, and wields a two-handed man hacker that has been the family for years, or so he says.

His color schemes dwell in Blacks and greys for the most part, brighter colors are usually that of someone else’s fresh blood staining his tunic and cloak.


Constable Mordis Vance, the enforcer and law man to the town of Shadowvale in the Border Mountains.

A half ogre that swears his grand mother loved his grand father, then hacked off his head as he slept to keep him from whoring around.

He has no brothers, or sisters, his mother runs the local brothel, and his father was killed in a botched raid on a border town in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Mordis Vance

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