Alem Kor

A ranger of some ill repute.


Working on it.


Alem comes from the shrouded isles, a small cluster of island havens that keep the gateways protected from the casual interloper. For the most part the Eladrin could be considered xenophobic, which makes dealing with the outsiders a little difficult. Elves are considered to be deserters, Fey choosing to exist among mortal men living out there days to end a pitied existence with nothing to show for the lives other then bonds and dust.

Eladrin can effectively live forever if they do not leave the Fey Realm, yes they can still die there as well but they can choose when to cease rather than fate or death to take them before they believe their lives are at an end. This is why they have distaste for humans, struggling to extend their lives beyond what was given them by the Immortals. This goes for any being for that matter, even Eladrin attempting to claim an unlife to avoid any chance of a natural death. Humans are also seen a plague upon Kharon, they spread and destroy the natural balances, and in some cases inadvertently render whole areas corrupted making the Fey Gateways difficult or impossible to traverse.

Reverence for the Elder Fey is something “born” into a Fey; they are made to respect knowledge and those that bare its weight. AS well, the Eladrin where one of the first races to have been created from the coupling of the Aspects of Origin (or so they believe) therefore have a great reverence for the Immortals (“The” Dragons). So an Elder that not only exists in and out of Fey Realm housing knowledge of ages past, “and” a priest of the old faith is something near to a minor Deity J

Which brings us to why Alem is even wandering around the world in the first place? As a very young Eladrin, not very experienced in the world other then the coming and goings of his people from the Shrouded Isle gateway lands, Alem was a very surprised on day to find a ship on the shores of the Shrouded Isle with stubby eared humans wandering around, poking and prodding at the growth with vicious looking swords, each one carrying a bundle of furs, meats, fruits, and some minor treasures from some of the surrounding Eladrin villages. Of course this enraged the young Ranger of Everlast, this being his first veil crossing he was to make sure he made an impression upon not only these thieves, but also his brothers of Everlast.

Alem pursued and harried the thieves all the way back to the beach where the pirate vessel lay in wait. The fleeing brigands had dropped many of their treasures to make haste the retreat from the hidden assailant until they broke from the forest onto an open white sand beach. The remaining thieves shouted to the guards holding the boat to shove off while tossing what plunder they still possessed into the vessel. Alem pursued relentlessly, even when they where well out of bow shot Alem ran from the trees wielding a long sword in a silent scream of rage. By this time the pirates has nearly shoved off into the sea, and to ensure their escape they dropped a squirming package into the water. Torn by duty to pursue, but also not willing to let another die at the hands of these foul men and half elf leader, he elected to save the wriggling package.

Once breaking above water with his ward in a bundle, he watched as the ship sailed away with what plunder they had been able to snatch cursing them and theirs to the nine hells. Alem swam to the beach and removed the cloth from the bundle only to be met with a half dead black jumper. As we can imagine a Ranger of Everlast, knowing an omen when it is given swore to raise the spider as a guide and companion from now till ending. A happy ending it have been, if it were not for the fact at that moment First Ranger of Everlast came striding of the trees followed close by his band bearing a sour look on his face.

There was a formal reprimand for not signaling his brothers, as well Alem learned that one the Eladrins most precious of treasures had been taken as it was not among the recovered plunder, The Manuscript of Cindersong, which was used in the readings of History and Origins to the younger Eladrin. Shamed Alem trained for many years in and out of the Fey Realms, keeping to himself and only seeking help when his knowledge was no longer sufficient to continue, though dreading the contemptuous looks and whispers of the Rebel Ranger of Everlast. For being rebel was not meant as a jest, but an insult to his impetuous ways, and would always be swore to this name until the he was able to redeem himself. This takes us to his journey to the mainland of Kharon, away from his beloved homelands in search of Lost Knowledge, the one thing older then Eladrin.

Alem Kor

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