Thalin Brokenbow

A Scitzophrenic Warlord


Class: Inspiring Warlord
Height 5’5”, Weight 155

STR 16
CON 14
DEX 10
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 20
HP 56 Bloodied 28
Surges 9 Surge Value 14
AC 21 FORT 17 REF 14 WILL 19
Group Insight Allies within 10’ gain +1 Insight & Initiative
Improved Inspiration +2HP regained by allies from ‘Inspiring Presence’
Saving Inspiration ‘Inspiring Word’ also grants a savings throw
(at will) Furious Smash tandard Action, Melee
Attack: STR vs Fortitude
HIT: 4 damage, Grant one ally adjacent to target +5 HIT & DAM on next attack vs taget
(at will) Vipers Strike Standard Action, Melee
Attack: STR vs AC
Hit: 1[W] + STR
Effect: If target shifts before next turn it grants you an attack of opportunity
(encounter) Eyebite[Racial Ability] Standard Action, Ranged 10
CHA vs Will
Hit: 1D6 + 4, you are invisible to target until end of next turn
(encounter) Nimble Footwork Standard Action, Melee
Hit: 2[W] + STR, Can shift 1 square, after shift one ally within 1 squares can shift 1 as free action
(encounter) Inspired Belligerence Minor Action, Close Burst 5
Target: one Enemy in burst granting combat advantage to you or ally
Effect: Until start of your next turn target grants combat advantage to all allies and they get +5 on DAM rolls vs target
(daily) Bastion of Defense Standard Action, Melee
Attack: STR vs AC
Hit: 3[W]+ STR, Allies within 5 gain +1 to all defenses till end of encounter
Effect: Allies within 5 Gain 9 temp HP
  • Light Bloofshored Shield
  • Chainmail of Exploits +1
  • Longsword +1, Flaming
  • 354 Gp
  • Healing potion x2

Thalin Brokenbow

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