Reks CrackedShell

Oversized Battle Rager.


Slightly under one score years ago a clutch of eggs had a terrible accident, an accident named Reks.

A Dame of the Patterned Shell Clan, a well respected Clan of Sword Masters, was watching her clutch of eggs warm in the sands. Hatching was due soon and she needed to make sure that her brood could make their first difficult crawl out of the nest and be well set to handle the unfortunate cull at birth, all was in readiness.

Her job done, the Dame was about to go and bask in the desert sun for a bit when she saw the light sands covering the nest churning. The clutch was early! However, the churning was not very fulsome nor purposeful it was as if only one egg hatched and the hatchling was struggling to crawl out. One hour later, with the Dame unable to even blink, Reks’ pudgy head broke the sands. Two weeks later the Patterned Shell Clan realized that Reks had cracked all of his siblings’ shells, killing the rest of the clutch.

In the manner of Dragonborn, Reks quickly grew to his full measure. Standing tall for a Dragonborn at 6’9”, his frame was bulky, with short legs and out sized arms and hands attached to a barrel chest. With his mottled dark and bronze scales heavy neck and massive, ridged jaw he could not have differed more from the rest of the clan who were bred to be long-limbed, lean and with a pleasant light green hue to their scales. Even Reks crest was not the proud crown of the Patterned Shell, instead it came in as a down facing fringe of feather scale (almost a tonsure)

His Dame eventually walked in to the desert rather than face more speculation about Reks’ parentage.

As Reks entered the training to become a sword master, his Clan was taken to continuous highs and lows. While Reks showed no affinity for the sword, he was rarely beaten in trials and those times he was beaten was usually for technical reasons such as grabbing his opponent and breaking both of her arms before tapping them with a sword.

Reks CrackedShell

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