Dragon Dark: The Sundering

Where fools fear to tread

Gambling is a dangerous game

Thalin, in an attempt to interrogate the dicer players, kindly suggests that Rex Sodomize the dicers. Feeling somewhat unnerved by this the humans made a break for it. Rex clotheslines one with his Spiked Gauntlet, caving in his face. The other one he proceeds to Sodomize with one of his hammers (despite Thalin’s rather meek claims that he wanted to question one of them). The proprietor of the Gambling Den that the fight occurred outside of (and some of his patrons) then come outside to find out what all commotion was. Being none too pleased with the mess, he convinced the party to dispose of the bodies. Everyone was fine with this. He then proceeded to insult and jab his finger in Rex’s face. Rex was not fine with this and assumed the man was offering him a snack. After biting off the small man’s Index Finger the party proceeded to make short work of most of the nearby witnesses. The barkeep vanishes in a puff of smoke and reinforced doors slam shut on his establishment. In the distance the party can hear the echoing of alarms. Being in the industrial district, they dump the bodies and move on hastily.

It’s all about what you know

As the party starts to get back to main sections of the city, Thalin becomes aware that they are covered in what can best be described as “Ichor”. The decision is made to purchase cloaks for everyone. At the Hall of knowledge the party finds that they are not the couriers that were supposed to deliver these items. Apparently the couriers were supposed to be dressed in dark cloths that had lots of feathers. These instructions apparently came from the Majister that sent the party there in the first place. Despite them not matching the description they did come with the items and are issued a receipt for 2400 gp, redeemable once the items have been inspected and processed.

Actually … it’s all about who you know, and what they’re willing to go through

Morel, being somewhat uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the city decided to go shopping and hijacked Thalin. Looking through various magical shops he found several spell scrolls he wished to purchase. The shop keeper (a human woman who was probably older then the dragon priest) demanded a price that made Morel choke on his bankers heritage. Thalin, always the opportunistic one, offered the services of his reproductive organs in exchange for a discount. She agreed and took him into the back room too “bring the rains back to her desert sands”

A night at the Roxxy, and another pizza

Everyone decided to have a good meal at the end of the day. During the meal they were approached by the same Majister that sent them to the Halls of Knowledge in the first place. He claimed that the entire information about the “proper couriers” was obviously some miscommunication. He told the party that the book provided is in code and not usefully legible. He said the ritual required to decrypt it would require the tongue of a Wyvern. He went on to say that the foremost expert on Wyverns was one Master Doman. He was an Ex-Majister running a Gambling Den down in the industrial district. The party went there and found it to be the same club they had the encounter at before. Master Doman was setting there on a throne of sorts. His finger had been regenerated. He lorded his knowledge over the party and refused to tell them anything until he was corned on the subject of dragons. The party produced a couple of dragon scales and agreed to sell them for money and information. He answered their questions on Wyverns and provided an Emerald worth about 400gp. The party booked a boat up to the Northern Areas, Wyverns country.

The Great white North … aye

Once off the boat the group immediately purchased some winter clothing. They then hired themselves out to a Caravan heading north towards The Winter Wall. It stopped at a village most of the way there and dropped off supplies. Unable to locate another caravan heading further north the group moved on by foot. Getting close to the mountains they observed some Titans having a quarrel in an adjacent valley. They wisely waited for them to move on and continued towards the dwarven city built into the mountains, marking the last major city on the way to Northern Wasteland.



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