Dragon Dark: The Sundering

The much awaited update

Created from notes, scribbles and hazy recollections

Some Historian

Under instruction of the Mysters, the party brings the terrible intellectual property agreement to the ex-myster, Findel at the aptly named Findel’s Falls. Findel, while a recluse, also seems to have a large retinue whose main job is killing representatives of the House of Everlast. The disagreement about the parties needs to meet Findel ends up with several very dead dwarves and a Galeb Dhur being held over a canyon by Rex.

Findel intervenes and the party indicates that the contract as printed is both soft and absorbent while being flammable. Used correctly Findel then talks to the party at length about the marks upon Luceous’ forehead, noting that the various circles seem to rotate. The marks seem to relate to one of the Avatars of the Great Dragon (Gorune) and the resurgence of the Traveler. Similarly, Findel agrees that the lack of the Great Dragons has caused a power vacuum and lesser dragons are entering the plane.

At this point the party elects, with Findel’s agreement, to call themselves the Universe Maintenance Team (UMT).

Back to town

The party goes back to the house of Everlast and reports their failure to have Findel sign the contract, but that they did get more information.
The power glut that is allowing dragons into the realm must be filled. The Myster suggests finding one of the shards of the great dragons.

The shards were imbued with the a portion of the dragons energy and strength. Possession of one essentially turned a person into an Avatar of that dragon. Someone who possesses a shard has not been seen in about 600 years.

There are only 2 temples who’s locations are still known, vaguely (since the sundering). One they already went to (The temple to Phoenix, inhabited by Mindarthis who is a priest not a shard bearer). The other is the temple of ShiverWing up in the Northern Waste.

Damn it, it’s cold again

The party locks up their house and books passage north, again.

The trip is long and uneventful save for Rex’s complaints that the deck won’t stay still and that it’s damn cold.

Once they reach Wintersveil they book passage north to the dwarven city on the edge of the Winterwall and the Northern Wastes.

During the trip the group is treated to the sight of a Giant stomping a dwarven caravan into paste. Arriving heroically late, the party rescues the survivor and uses him to guide them to the WinterWall.

Well Hello, Son

Arriving at the Dwarven stronghold, the party begins to purchase provisions for their extended stay in the wastes. Rex is completely ignored with his non-stop grousing about the bitter, never-ending cold.

Shortly after arrival Morel is summoned before Stonemaster Greyscale. After entering the room Morel says “Oh Hi, Dad”. He learns that after he left the house fortunes changed dramatically. His father defeated the last StoneMaster in combat to take leadership of the greyscales (in a conflict cause by Morel’s violent resignation). The family of Morels fiance has not been so lucky and are currently poised to be taken over by several rival clans, bitterness is clear as his fiancee is no longer of value to that family.
Morels mother comments about Thalins buttocks being of a shapely nature. Thalin (always up for a challenge) indicates that his eyesight was poor and needed a close look at her buttocks in order to make comment, the next morning he has difficulty walking. (Thalin claims that she fed him spiked ale, no one believes him especially with the gouges on his neck and the huge bite wound on his thigh that he displays by wearing short shorts).

Is this an army I see before me?

The party is in final preparations for leaving when the alarms are triggered, all of them, at the same time. Apparently, there is a large army of organised Troglodytes approaching, the first horde to attack Winterwall in centuries. As able bodied outsiders, a dwarven commander voluntolds the party for a certain suicide mission. Hungover, sore, disappointed and just grumpy the party doesn’t register the word suicide. Soon thereafter they are going down a zip line fired by Ballista, in order to attack a beholder that is firing at the battlements.

Fortunately for the party, the beholder senses Rex’s hate of the cold and spends the fight freezing him solid while the rest of the party destroys the bodyguard of troglodytes. At which point the lack of beholder beams lets the WinterWall artillery start up. Luckily, none of the 2M wide stones hit the party… much.

Sore, tired, and in Rex’s case near frozen. The victorious party find themselves on a hill looking at the retreating front line of troglodytes (and mammoths). Looking for an escape they see that with their excellent luck the second wave of attacking troglodytes are coming from the opposite direction. Which means that the party will have several thousand troglodyte friends to keep them warm.

Morel notices that Luceous has gone into a trance (Luceous is seeing visions of Gorune’s past). He pokes him to find out what is going on only to be picked up by his throat and hurled to the ground 8 meters away. At this point:
The Retreating army and Deserters meet at the party’s location
Rex charges the army
Morel picks his almost exploded head up out of the ground
The party in general begins a serious effort to die
Luceous floats in the air, and explodes

Waking up in the Infirmary several days later they find out that all anyone else knows is there was a cataclysmic explosion and the army was wiped out.
Rex was apparently found inside a Mammoth’s mouth having choked it to death while ripping out it’s tongue.

Morel Explores Family Politics

After recovering enough to walk Morel presents himself to his disgraced fiancee and gives her his Dynamic weapon as a gift to stave off people who would seek to put her into a life of servitude. He explains that he will be heading north to the dragon temple. She listens, transforms the weapon into a dagger, stabs Morel in the shoulder and then transforms it into a broadsword and walks away, leaving the blade where it is.

Rex is impressed by Morels resolve, and feels happy that someone else spends time with large sharp things stuck right through them.



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