Dragon Dark: The Sundering

Take off, to the great white north

We hit the ground running, and the ground flinched

As they regained consciousness the party noticed that it was cold, it was agreed this was a good thing. The next thing they noticed is that it was snowing and there was a lot of white everywhere, both very good things. The last thing that people noticed is the ice shelf they were one appeared to have been impacted by something very warm and was starting to sluce into a ravine. The consensus was that this last fact was not a good thing and that is was actually quite bad.

The party got off the ledge before it completely collapsed and looked around. The sky had the right color and snow had the right color, the frozen lake in front of them had the proper collection of camps and fires, and the temple behind them seemed to be correct as well.

I got the door

Coming across one of the ice bridges the party sees a figure approaching. Based on the distance, size and ambient temperature of the area they make an educated guess and figure it is either a Frost or Storm giant.
Great haste is made to the temple.

The party finds the door, it’s about 2 meters high and 1 meter wide. There are no visible hinges or handles. Rex runs into the door at top speed. There is a tremendous crash as 6 inches of aged metal screams … and Rex continues inside, his momentum somewhat diminished.

Anyone home?

The temple is just as cold inside as it is outside, the roof is not all there so there are great snow drifts. Alem and Morel notice that there has been activity inside as there are obviously trails through the snow and it has been purposely cleared away in places. Exploring the party finds some robes and tapestry’s that depict reptilian humanoids worshiping a great white dragon.

Coming into a room they find 4 whitish Dragonborn.

How not to establish dominance

Rex tells the party to hang back and steps inside. He proclaims that he is the descendant of Aedis RazorClaw and has come to claim his birth rite. They laugh. He presents his ritual scars, given by the undead chieftain. They are unimpressed. He singles out the alpha male, picks him up and screams ‘SUBMIT’ as he slams him over his knee repeatedly.

After they are all dead Rex agrees that his culture is very violent, but claims they were weak and should have submitted.

Continuing on, they explore and find an extremely large (and old) dragon perch measuring well over 10 meters across further on they find a few more Dragonborn conducting a ritual. One of them appears to be a dressed in the robes of a priest and is leading the ceremony.

How to establish dominance

The priest demands to know who they are. Rex tells him that he is the descendant of Aedis RazorClaw and he is here to claim his birth rite. When questioned about the other Dragonborn in the temple Rex shrugs and says ‘They would not submit, how about you?’

The priest declares that they are in service of Shiverwing and are doing divine work. Rex laughs and says that the impostor they serve would be far to small to be Shiverwing.

There is a tap on his shoulder and he looks up to see a White Dragon about 5 meters tall. He is complimented on being FAR more perceptive then his brethren. Rex makes a comment regarding the dragons inability to fill the perch they past. It is not well received.

One of the Dragonborn is enraged by the dragons admission and he joins the party in assaulting the dragon. The rest are still brainwashed and combat the party.

Using his Hammer of Pinning Rex nails one of the dragons feet to the ground and proceeds to whack it repeatedly. At one point he goes for an upper swing, and succeeds in breaking the pinning nails, setting the dragon loose.
The Dragonborn are quickly dispatched with the priest receiving a send-off of epic intensity when he attempts to move in on Morel.

The Dragon does a great deal of damage, flying around after Rex releases it. Towards the end Rex is able to grab on to the dragon and climb on, punching and kicking savagely. At the point of it’s defeat, the dragon is more then 8 meters in the air. It crashes to the ground with Rex (in a blind rage) not noticing it’s lack of movement. He succeeds spectacularly in mitigating the dispute between the dragons corpse and terrafirma.
Investigating the crash site/crater the party finds that Rex is not dead, just mostly dead. Morel curses and swears that he’s now going to have to heal the idiot.


Ok, over 1 month of updates and notes are now up. Hopefully this teachs us not to fall behind

Take off, to the great white north

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