Dragon Dark: The Sundering

Sunshine and Lollipops

Hot time in the Big City

The party arrives back in Erinmoore, only to find that the refugee situation has not improved overly much. The merchants are still charging extravagant rates due to the demands for .. well everything, crime is high due to the prices and outlying villages are still being raved to the ground.

The route they decide to take to ‘The House of Everlast’ is not one that passes through the docks, this time.

When they report to the attendant that they are here to deliver a Wyvern tongue to the Myster, they are told unceremoniously to wait. Thalin is very convincing and told, very nicely, to ‘Wait over there with everyone else’ and pointed to a corner that contains a large number of people waiting, some have setup makeshift lean-to’s.

Not content with a tarp they make a full blown campsite, breaking one of the bench’s in order to build a fire. When the city Guards object Rex and Alem square off “You and what army?” “Well .. the one inside this city, us .. you know the guys protecting you?” “Ok, I’ll sponsor 3 to 1 odds against you … Any bookies around?”

Before a fight breaks out a clerks comes up and reports that the Myster will see them now. Many people are extremely upset as they have been waiting for days.

The party leaves the guards to put out the fire and deal with the unreset.

What’s it say already?

The party is taken to a cozy office with a nice desk, lots of books and a fireplace. Much to Rex’s pleasure it’s occupied by a nice warm fire.

The party presents the Myster with the Wyvern tongue. Very happy to receive this the party is taken to the central tower and up a several flights of stairs. Each floor is dedicated to a different theme and each floor appears to contain countless relics and books.

A ritual rooms has been setup with an extremely intricate and complicated circle designed specifically for language translation. The ritual is performed and, upon the completion the Myster approaches the party.

Apparently it was only PARTIALLY successful in translating the book. This means that the language is beyond ancient, possibly Primordial in nature or of other worldly origin.

The Myster speaks of a being that travels different worlds. Apparently this being pre-dates the greats dragons (if the writing are to be believed) but much of the book is still not translated.

Remember to tip your delivery person

In gratitude for their months of service the Myster offers the party 300gp in compensation.

The party expresses some disagreement with this offer and suggests that perhaps a place of permanent residence might be more along the appropriate lines. Further, the Mysters office is suggested as it has all the requirements of being warm and cozy.

The Myster indicates that he will look into this and the party proceeds to the happy hobbit. During the night Lucious has another dream about destruction and fire, waking up with a bad headache.

Home, such as it is

The next day the Myster comes to the party provided a deed to a house. It’s located in the warehouse district above a Fishmonger.

It’s a decent loft area and Rex is happy about the close supply of freshly dead (and sometimes live) animals. He introduces himself to their neighbour who is more then happy to sell his fish.

After the deeds is signed the Myster requests that the party go and speak to a famous historian named “Fiddle”. Apparently this person is the foremost Historian in existence and has been approached several times without success.

He asks that the party approach him on the topic of the Traveler and also requests that they see about getting him to join the society, giving them a ‘Standard Contract’. Going over it Morel and Thalin find that it states all of his current and future knowledge will become property of the society along with his research.

After assurances of compensation the party books passage on a Caravan through the Free cities.



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