Dragon Dark: The Sundering

Stuck between a rock and a very very unhappy place

Onward and downward

After collecting their spoils the party goes to leave only to have the entrance slide shut. Lighting torches the follow Rexs advice and head deeper into the lair.

As it gets colder the sounds of a bellows can be heard faintly.

Eventually they come to a point where they can see an almost tangible darkness ahead and a human sized path heading off to the side. Following the path brings them to a tunnel that winds through the rock. It’s ruff hewn from the rock. Moral and Lucious determine that it was created and reinforced by magical means.

In several places the magic has deteriorated or altogether dissipated and Morel can hear the sounds of laughing Imps that pelt the party with large chunks of ice.

The end of the tunnel is collapsed. Rex is assigned digging duty and begins to remove the rubble. Part way through the excavation some wisps fly out from the cave in and engage the party.

Despite the fact that Rex spends the bulk of his time on his knees flailing around the party is able to deal with the pests.

The cave in is cleared

There’s no breeding like in-breeding

After navigating the cave in they come to a natural cave that begins to widen out. Continuing on they see what looks like a small town made of ramshackle huts and lean to’s. The inhabitants are all grossly misshapen and deformed. In the center of town is a fairly human looking individual on a thrown in front of a scrum.

Morel and Thalin decide to implement stealth tactics and provide a distraction for the rest of the party … by falling/rolling ass-over-tea-kettle down the rest of the tunnel. They are quickly grabbed, subdued and brought before the leader.

The rest of the party elects to make use of their impromptu distraction and begins the process of sneaking up to the village

Thalin attempts to be diplomatic with the leader and even offers to have sex with the orifice of his choice.

The Leader introduces himself as Zildane, the prest of Shiverwing The Blind. At this point the markings on Lucious’s forehead align. Zildane senses his presence and exclaims “YOU! I’m stuck here because of YOU!!”

The party charges and the Mutants are engaged in brutal Melee combat

Garroon, the Betrayer

After the Mutants are dealt with and Zildane is hurt badly, he goes invisible with Morel in the grips of “Bigbeys Fist”

Words are exchanged with Morel being occasionally bounced off the ground.

Zildane and Garroon both vied for the Shard that is now in Lucious’s head and Garroon won. Zildane is very upset about being stuck (like Mendarthis) in the temple of the dragon.

At this point the Traveller (or essence of the Traveller?) emerges from the shard emerges from the shard and begins to have words with the party and Zildane. Zildane is both outraged and confused as he claims the Traveller should be sealed. He gets no further as the Traveller kills him in a burst of dark necrotic energy.

He then tells the party that he wants them to awaken the dragons. The party asks why he would support this. He explains that the portals connecting to this world from shadow fell are pumping in energies. Without the great dragons to absorb/consume/eat those energies the world will be torn apart and destroyed. His final words are “At least with me you have a chance”

The party elects to contact Mendarthis.

Mendarthis explains that Garroon betrayed them all. He was a shard of Shiverwing but also chose to find a way to increase his power and become a shard of the Traveller as well. He is very concerned about the Travels words but admits they do not seem to have a choice. He says that he doesn’t know how to wake the dragons exactly, but that the parties mere proximity may be enough. The Traveller likely chose Shiverwing first as she was the one who held out and resisted him directly the longest.

Onward and downward

The party asks for directions from the surviving mutants. One of them points them to a pit with a spiral path carved into the side. No bottom can be seen. The party decides that they need to find out how deep the hole is, and throw the mutant down. After 1 minute no sound of Deceleration Trama can be heard.

It is agreed that the hold is very deep and very cold and they proceed down. After a while they notice it is getting even colder. The stone itself has managed to freeze somehow. Also there is a fog in the air that makes visibility difficult.

After a few close calls and being attacked by some Dire Stirges the party gets to the bottom.

Enter the dragon

At the bottom of the pit it is cold, EXTREMELY cold.

The is a frozen lake ahead of them that appears to have somehow frozen in the midst of a great turmoil. There are great waves, frozen solid, shards and other icicle like protrusions. It appears like something massive may have fallen into the lake and frozen it moments after.

Gingerly picking their way across the ice they begin to see the silhouette of a massive creature. From the head it looks like a dragon but on a scale that is awe inspiring. The party can see a dark swirling energy around the dragon and the sound of a bellows is now extremely loud. There is a great deal of noise and below the surface of the ice a lot of motion and turmoil can be seen.

Approaching the head the party gets an idea for the scale. A single tooth is easily the size of Rex.

As they come within about 20 meters undead beings rip through the ice and assault the party. After some initial issues, Rex manages to get his act together and the party deals with the assailants.



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