Dragon Dark: The Sundering

Did i mention it was cold?

This is for the Birds

As the party heads NE out of the valley they decide to make camp. During the evening they see a flight of large birds several miles off. They see the birds seem to be dive bombing something on the ground. One of them appears to get wounded and flies off somewhat shakily.

Using their knowledge of northern wildlife they realise that there are very few birds that large and conclude it’s likely a Wyvern, or at least something worth their time. They follow it, leaving the rest of the flight behind.

Damn it’s Cold

As the party crests a rise they get hit with a blast of incredibly cold air. Lucious has had enough and collapses in the snow. The party descends a short incline looking for shelter and noticed that a Wyvern is watching them from a high roost.

It lets out a shriek and 2 swarms of Rot Scarabs come out of the landscape. It then takes off and swoops to attack the party. After cleaning up the mess the party finds 550 gp, 1000 gp worth of gems and Jewelry, a Bloodsoaked Shield, a Masters wand of Eldritch Blast +2, Skull Bracers and a Sigil of Companionship.

The tongue is removed and Morel also takes some of the Talons.

Morel investigates a worn door blocking the entrance to cavern and discovers that this is “Morden Cross”. The original dwarf passage through the Winter Wall. With the establishment of the city it was converted into a burial center for the honored dead and those who gave their lives in defense of the pass.

We want to be warm again

The party returns to the Dwarven city. When asked about their exploits they mention their victory. A few Dwarfs question them about anything they may have found as those Wyverns have been raiding caravans for a while now. Thalin explains they found nothing but they did get some juicy Wyvern meat. The Dwarfs decline too sample.

They continue back to Cold River outpost. Thalin, apparently quite randy at seeing people after all the snow and Dwarfs, completely fails to proposition a male guard. He then proceeds to masturbate in public.

The party hops a caravan to Winterveil. Once there the party gets passage on a boat heading south.

Shiver me timbers

About 2 weeks out the ship is attacked by Pirates.

The party make short work of the pirates and negotiates a price reduction in their passage from the captain.



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