Dragon Dark: The Sundering

As if it wasn't cold enough

The Negotiator

After extracting Rex from his position in the ground the part sets about doing a couple of things Looking the Bodies Severing the Head of the Dragon Skinning the Dragon (with morel muttering something about proof)

They camp overnight in one of the hallways for shelter. Rex looks a little Green in the morning but refused any sort of healing/treatment.

On the bodies of the dead they find about 100gp and a Rod that emanates a faintly magical aura. Lucious takes a look and says it’s a key.

The party elects to call Mendarthis so see what insite the dottering old Eladrin can give them. He suggests that the key is probably for the temple catacombs. He says that the catacombs are usually located by or around the altar.

Looking around Morel sees that a portion of the Altar has broken. He notices a large chunk of rock in the courtyard below that seems to fit the break. It has a hole that appears to match the Rods dimensions. After clearing some of the ice they find that it does belong there, and also has a faintly magical aura.


They fashion a rope harness and proceed to hook up Rex. Lucious wanders around in a bit of a daze and hears horses. None of other part members hear it so they behind to haul the rock up the stairs.

4 Cavalry riders charge the party and they engage leaving Rex to pull the rock. Close to the top Rex decides to investigate all the noise behind him. He wraps the ropes around his neck and proceeds to return to the bottom of the stairs as fast as gravity will pull him. At the base of the stairs a very surprised Thalin is cross checked by a 1 tonne chunk of granite. The riders have 40gp.

Being very upset about missing all the fun Rex puts the ropes back on and loosens the ones around his neck and pulls the rock up the stairs. After positioning the stone correctly and inserting the Key the dragons Perch slides back to reveal an area that emanates cold (more so then the outside area that they are in).

Nothing like an Ice Cold Whored at the end of a long day

Rex goes first in order to find out what is inside and if it’s safe since the entrance way is extremely steep. Upon hearing the distinctive sounds of someone frolicking in a pile of gold the Banker in Morel can’t wait anymore and he slides down the 60 degree ramp doing a perfect catfall at the end.

The Cavern is very old, very large and very VERY cold. Morel notices lots of marks on the floor that look like enormous claw marks. The area is so cold that everyone in the party periodically takes damage (except Rex because of his tatoos)

They find 4 gems the size of baseballs
4 healing potions
1 unidentified vial
1600 gp
Chain mail Armor of Sacrifice +2
Leather Repulsion Armor +2
Scale Breaching Armor +2
a pair of Diamond Bracers
a Raven Claw Warblade Greatsword +2
a Crusaders Mace +2
a Supreme Skirmished Long Bow +2
a Sacrificial Weapon +3

There is a lot of equipment that has rotted and degraded into a worthless state.

Unsure about getting back out the way they came in Rex says that there’s always 2 ways out of a dragons lair.



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